Here at Abode we have a team of engineers & service men at the ready to fix any problems that may arise from residential to commercial properties.

(IQP)Independently Qualified Person

Abode has a Independently Qualified Person (IQP).

    • IQPs are authorised by regional and local authorities to provide Warrants of Fitness for buildings – an annual requirement for all commercial property businesses.
    • If you need a code of compliance certificate in the Wellington /Kapiti area. Abode can provide it for you

Preventative Maintenance-Residential & Commercial

At Abode we recommend a Preventative maintenance every 12 months this is so as your unit will run at it’s most efficient and any issues can be solved before any major problem occur. This will also help to reduce allergies, prevent odours & save money. It is still important that the filters on your unit be cleaned monthly by the owner/operator.

    • When a unit is purchased for residential use a Maintenance schedule is set up for you and you are contacted every 12 months to organise this service the following is what is provided at the service
    1. Check operating sequence
    2. Filter cleaning and replacement Quoted where necessary
    3. Fan speeds & bearings general unit conditions/ casing
    4. Condensate tray & drain effectiveness,
    5. Running current (whole unit), & electrical system
    6. Coil cleanliness,
    7. Air flows,
    8. Operating temperatures,
    9. Reversing valve operation,
    10. Thermostat controls,
    11. Noise & vibration
    12. Wash down,
    13. Minor repairs.
    • Any Parts or filters are priced before work continues

Preventative Maintenance-Commercial

    • We also offer commercial contracts for preventative maintenance Commercial contracts are a major part of our service business & we can offer commercial maintenance contracts

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